Store your picks in The Guitar Pick Pocket and never lose your picks again. Best guitar pick holder you will find

What is The Guitar Pick Pocket?

   Tired of dropping your picks into the unknown abyss? Showing up to a practice or a show pickless?  How about collecting picks from your favorite guitar players with no place to store them? Well look no further than the guitar pick pocket!  

The Pick Pocket is designed and engineered to store and protect all types of guitar picks, from standard electric and acoustic picks, to bass, banjo, and even thumb picks. 

Secure your picks on your guitar without using tape and getting residue all over your picks!

How does it work?


The pick pocket is designed to rest on the guitar body of the guitar using three strips of Velcro, which will allow the player to place the pick pocket anywhere on the guitar. The pick pocket is easily removed and folds like a wallet, to be easily stored in a player’s instrument case, pant pocket, backpack, purse, and etc. 

Several colors and designs to choose from, to make your pick pocket, your's!

Comes in several colors and designs to fit the player’s personal style. Starting at $14.00 USD




The Guitar Pick Pocket

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The Guitar Pick Pocket

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